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Sentimental Collage

About this artwork

A Gift from the Moon
28.6 x 35.8 in.

History is scattered with masterpieces depicting the sakura in bloom, and the beauty of her ephemeral blossoms remains a subject that inspires and captivates contemporary artists and art-lovers the world over. I wanted to pay homage to the sakura in bloom and paint this historical subject matter in such a way that it was uniquely my own. In my imagination there existed a small planet, covered in barren wilderness. The lone inhabitant of this world is a solitary sakura who, even in the full glory of blooming, sorrows; there’s nothing to ease her solitude, no one to admire the beauty of her blossoms. This sakura, in her loneliness, began speaking to the moon who crossed the darkened night sky. The moon, at first indifferent to her plight, soon began to feel pity and cast it’s light down upon her in effort to comfort her sorrow. Grasses immediately sprang forth wherever the light fell on the soil, their blades the same hue as the moon high above them, and from that night the sakura was no longer lonely.


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