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Sentimental Collage

About this artwork

Conversation with the moon
13 x 16 in.
USD692 / EUR621

This piece tells the story of the moon and sakura blossoms.
The sakura tree spoke to the moon, saying, “good evening, your light is beautiful tonight.”
But the moon didn’t reply and only distorted before her gaze.
So she spoke again, asking the moon, “please shine your light upon me.”
Still, the moon only shimmered and swayed before her.
Saddened by the silence, the sakura fluttered her petals, they fell as if she were weeping.
It was then that she heard a voice from above her,
“I am still shining upon you.”
Then the sakura looked up in amazement because the moon was in the sky above her.
She had been so enamored of the moon’s reflection upon the water below her that she had forgotten to turn her gaze to the sky.


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