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Sentimental Collage

About this artwork

My Spring with Ken
57.3 x 44.1 in.
Not for sale

My beloved dog, Ken, died in the spring of 2020. My works heavily reference the sights that we came across in our daily walks and he was the inspiration for the canines I’ve painted throughout my career. Without him beside me, the walks through my neighborhood became difficult. It took time, but eventually I saw the grasses and wildflowers that had come up around our streets, weeds and a nuisance to some, but beautiful all the same. Soon after, I was able to think back on how he loved to run and play there, romping in those verdant, tiny oases, and I was inspired to set that feeling onto canvas – to embrace the beauty in the world that we too often overlook as ‘common’ and celebrate every moment of the brief time we’re given.


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