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Sentimental Collage

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20.9 x 17.9 in
1,363.64USD / 1153.8EUR

This composition tells a tale. A leopard with despair from hunger and loneliness in its eyes sees something far off in the distance, approaching as dawn touches the horizon behind it. The two were very close by the time the leopard realized it was a solitary giraffe, which spoke to him.
“I’m so glad to finally meet you,” the giraffe said.
The leopard was surprised and asked, “Aren’t you afraid of me?”
“Not at all,” said the giraffe, “I’ve been looking for a friend for a long time.
The leopard stared thoughtfully at the giraffe, trying to decide whether to satisfy his hunger or relieve his loneliness, but it noticed that the giraffe’s legs looked very strong and it thought that a kick might end his life if he wasn’t careful in how he attacked this prey. So the leopard decided to continue traveling with the giraffe for the time being, assuming an opportunity might arise where it could safely take it as prey.
Then, to his surprise, the giraffe proved useful to the leopard.
The giraffe provided shade as they walked in the harsh sunlight and with its long neck, they were sometimes able to catch prey that lived in the trees.
In return, the leopard safeguarded the giraffe when they rested so that they would not be attacked.
As they continued their journey, they would sometimes meet others of their kind but neither the giraffe nor the leopard wished to return to their respective places – they had come to enjoy each other’s differences.


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